Ex-dictator Evo Morales joins with the dictator Nicolas Maduro and newly-arriving Iranian officials in Caracas, Venezuela. @jmhumire, @MariaFdaCabal

Oct 28, 2020, 02:45 AM
Image:  Caracas, Venezuela

New World Report. Joseph Humire @jmhumire, @securefreesoc, and Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal @MariaFdaCabal, in re: Evo Morales and missiles. Morales, longtime narcoterrorist, arrives in Caracas to confer with world scoundrels, including Iranians, to discuss what he’ll unleash on Bolivia, with his new crew, El Grupo de Puebla.  Argentina complicit in the network; behind them they have the bosses, Iran, Rusia or Chan.

Buenos Aires, La Paz, Caracas and Teheran (and Moscow and Beijing) have formed a strategic alliance. A Venezuelan plane flew to Belgrade, then Venezuela, carrying 16-plus Iranians.  . . .  Evo Morales is a threat: belongs to an evil network aiming at destroying Latin America.  In high mountains of Bolivia they grow coca and export it; I don’t know how we’ll counter it.