EP 4: Why your life is the ultimate creative project with Selina Barker

Episode 4,  Nov 13, 2020, 07:00 AM

I couldn’t be more excited to share this week’s episode with you because my guest today is the fabulous Selina Barker. Selina is some sort of super-human when it comes to creating which is why I was so desperate to have her on the show. 

For those of you who don’t know Selina yet, she is a life design and career coach, author, podcaster – co-hosting the Project Love podcast. She is also the creator of the Audible Original Series ‘The Career Change Coach’ as well as the Project Love end-of-year journal ‘Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021, and her debut book ‘Burnt Out: the exhausted person’s guide to thriving in a fast-paced world’ is out in April, which I for one, am very excited about!

 As I said, this woman knows how to create! 

What I love most about Selina though, is her unique philosophy towards creating. Whether it’s a business you’re creating, a book or the ultimate creative project of all, your life, her playful and powerful approach is one we could all do with adopting.

In this episode, Selina and I dive headfirst into a deliciously juicy conversation about writing books and the labour of love (and loathing) that they are. We talk all about the messy middle, the meltdowns and the misery and wonder of the creative process. Selina shares her thoughts on the importance of play and why it’s about time we all started taking play more seriously.  And we talk about a subject, most of us as adults haven’t spoken about, let alone thought about since we probably about eight, ‘make-believe’ and how essential it is to making our dreams a reality and ultimately creating a life that we love.

Selina is so full of wisdom, play and creativity that after spending an hour in her company you can’t help but believe anything is possible. So, tune into this episode, let yourself play, and let’s see what might be possible for you.

 Christina X

 PS. Here are the links to a couple of other people who were mentioned in this episode…

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