Should Google and Facebook users be paid for their data?

Oct 28, 2020, 09:26 AM
"Last year, between Apple, Tencent and Google, their combined revenue in one year was hundreds of billions of dollars. But who got paid?"
Jennifer Zhu Scott, executive chairman of The Commons Project and a leading voice on technology and artificial intelligence, joins Mustafa Alrawi and Kelsey Warner to discuss her idea that Internet users be paid for the data they share with companies who are profiting from consumer insights.

In this episode:
Overview of US Dept of Justice case against Google (0m 38s)
Why users should get paid for their data (5m 08s)
What is The Commons Project? (9m 34s)
How to fix a 'broken' Internet (11m 45s)
How a data commodity market might work (16m 08s)
Headlines (19m 34s)