A Tale of Two Burghs: Lessons from city region transitions in the US and Sweden

Episode 2,  Oct 28, 2020, 03:05 PM

The events explore how we can better design public policy to support a rapid and fair transition to net zero and the restoration of nature. The events sought to explore the lessons and insights from previous transitions in different countries, sectors and industries, sharing what worked and what did not in their stories of transition.

This podcast is part of a series documenting the findings from a number of events hosted in partnership between IPPR and Agulhas, for IPPR’s Environmental Justice Commission (https://www.ippr.org/environment-and-justice). 

This episode looks at two different transitions in Gothenburg and Pittsburgh.  

Speakers include:
  • Johan Ekman, Spokesperson for NorraÄlvstrandenUtveckling AB
  • Lars Ekberg, Policy Advisor, City of Gothenburg,
  • Mayor Bill Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh 

Presenting are Joshua Emden from IPPR (https://www.ippr.org/) and Hiba Ahmad from Agulhas (https://agulhas.co.uk/).