EP 1: Why we need more creativity in the world right now with James Victore

Episode 1,  Oct 30, 2020, 07:00 AM

IT IS HERE!  I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of The Creativity Campus Podcast

And to kick things off in real creative style, my very first guest on the show, is the brilliant James Victore.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of James yet, you’re in for an absolute treat because James is an expert on the subject of creativity. He’s an artist, graphic designer, creative thought leader, art educator, founder of Creative Warrior, a mentorship programme and creative community, as well as being the author of the brilliant book, Feck Purfuction; Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life.

 In this episode, we cover some serious ground…

  • James introduces me to the Four Freedoms of Creativity and explains how they’re not only within everyone’s reach they’re a choice we can all make to help us all live more creative lives.

  • We talk about the role self-love plays and how important it is when it comes to allowing ourselves to be creative.  

  • We talk about the three invisible traumas that kill our creativity - ones we all experience without even realising it. 

  • During this episode, James’s also shares his own creative process and the three simple questions he asks himself at the start of any creative project. I particularly loved hearing this, as for me, it felt like a very simple container to hold your big, audacious creative ideas - offering a little bit of structure and avoiding the overwhelm we can often experience when managing our new ideas. 

  • And of course, we talk about what creativity means; why  we need  more of it in our world right now and why we need more creative answers to the big questions our planet is facing.

This is a wild conversation that gallops and roams freely all over the subject of creativity so go ahead and tune into this first episode and join James and me on the first creative ride of the season. 

Christina X

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