EP 2: How to turn your creativity into a career with Adam Brazier

Episode 2,  Oct 30, 2020, 07:00 AM

To mark the official launch of The Creativity Campus Podcast, I’m actually dropping TWO episodes today and my next guest is the brilliant Adam Brazier. I was so thrilled to have Adam join me on the podcast because he’s someone with so much insight and experience on the subject of creativity, I wanted to tap into all of his knowledge and be able to share it with you.

Adam is the host of the UK's number 1 creative podcast 'Creative Rebels', he’s the co-founder of numerous successful creative businesses including the wildly successful Graffiti Life. He is a professional Photographer and Film Maker who helps entrepreneurs visually improve their brands and he regularly consults on branding and creativity.

Adam is an authority on the subject of creativity, but he’s also an authority on how to make a career out of your creativity and in this episode, he shares so much practical advice about the business of creativity. Adam and I deep dive into topics such as…

  •  What makes art, art?

  • How you can make a living from your art, should you make a living from your art and if so, then what are some of the tripping points you should be looking out for? 

  •  How you strike the right balance between maintaining the integrity of your creative vision and a client’s seemingly very dull brief?

  •  How you can start creating the work you most want to be creating, while still keeping the client happy and…  still get paid!

  •  How you stop doing the work you hate and start doing the work you love?

  • And why having a level playing field is so important when it comes to generating creative ideas.

So, whether you’re just starting out and thinking about turning your creative idea into a side hustle, or you’re already making a living from your creativity but perhaps not feeling as fulfilled as you thought you might be, then this episode is going to be  for you! 


Christina X

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