28-2 with 352 & #1 Squad Battles Player Tips!

Oct 29, 2020, 03:38 PM
Your panel for this week's gameplay podcast includes the legend AirJapes, MrAwbery and MattFUTTrading (The Best FIFA Player in the World), they discuss:
  • Squad Battles tips!
  • Advice for Coop success!
  • Why WL might be a struggle now
  • How to improve at FIFA21 more generally 
  • Risks and rewards of team press
  • How to stop lobbed through balls
  • Baiting your opponent
  • Player switching
  • Much more!

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  • Rulebreakers — groundbreaking?
  • Rulebreakers Reviews: Benjamin Andre & Douglas Costa
  • Live FUT Friendlies 
  • Market madness this past week
  • Important points on chemistry styles
  • Much more!