Trump’s vs Biden’s foreign and domestic policies, contrasted.

Oct 30, 02:36 AM
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Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson; Hoover Institution, in re:  NRO, looking at he two candidates in four matters.

Foreign policy: Mr Biden has not given us a detailed view of his policies; we can assume it won’t be discontinuous with Obama policy.  Trump has made peace in the Middle East, creating masses of kosher restaurants, and now bringing in a kosher ship for the overflow.

Would Biden say, “Peace is unwise; prefer to send $700 million a year to PA?  Revert to Iran deal; reset China; quit demanding the agreed 2% from European allies? If Biden is elected, within 60 days North Korea, China, Russia and Iran will test Biden.

Evo Morales, narcoterrorist past president of Bolivia, in Caracas meeting with Maduro and a planeload of Iranians.  

Domestic:  Mr Trump has advocated and created an energy superpower Biden?  He seems to be oblivious to the US being the largest producer, in the world, and the largest natgas export.  By crashing the world oil price, we've denied Iran and Russia with their vast O&G revenues.    Obama felt that the more you appease China and ignore its theft of IP and others, then the more it’ll turn toward democracy. That did not work.