What Happened the Last Time There Was a Full Moon on Halloween?

Oct 30, 2020, 05:27 PM

The last time there was a full blue moon on Halloween was October 31, 1944. What happened?

Given how cray-cray 2020's been, Court wondered what happened 76 years ago? Anything significant? Did people get nuts? Or was it uneventful?

Court decided to do some digging and see if it might yield any clues as to what we might expect for the full blue moon on Halloween this year. Did her journey lead her to any trick or treats?


What she found was both surprising and entertaining. There was "rowdyism" (or, rather, warnings against it), a hermit named Herman, and both goblinish and "ungoblinish" fun.

Happy listening and Happy Howl-a-ween! (No better time to howl at the light of silvery --or blue-- full moon than on Halloween, right?)

As read from the blog post "What Happened the Last Time There Was a Full Moon on Halloween?"

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Host & Guide: Courtney Mroch, Ambassador of Dark & Paranormal Tourism

Intro Music: 
Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod