Lockdown Productivity Planner! (Survive Coronavirus For Musicians)

Nov 01, 2020, 11:29 AM
Survive Coronavirus For Musicians
What will you do DIFFERENTLY as a musician now that the UK and Europe head back into Lockdown for 4 weeks?
Will you find your lockdown productivity and adapt to the new COVID-19 music industry?

In this video I want to share 4 ideas how to survive coronavirus for musicians and use the time productively.
1) Livestreaming
2) Pre-record more content
3) Write new music
4) Sell Music As A Service

What's crazy about coronavirus for musicians is that your audience is at home, your artist friends are at home and even the music industry contacts are at home. Instead of writing off 2020 and starting afresh in New Year, use this time of lockdown productivity to be efficient and springboard into next year!

My number one tip for a new COVID-19 music industry is to substitute physical events with virtual events and build the systems that drive an audience. When the world goes back to normal, you aren't starting from zero, you have an incredible loyal fanbase of virtual attendees that will be excited to physically attend the next real gig.

What will you decide to beat coronavirus for musicians?

Will you livestream more? Interview guests? Host a songwriter or producer bootcamp? Launch a fiverr or merchandise website?

Or will you sit on the sofa bored? The choice is yours!