"The 39 Steps" (1935) Classic Movie Recommendation

Nov 05, 2020, 01:08 PM

By the way, it's "Lockwood and LaMont." That's right. It took us more than 39 steps, but somehow we got from Alfred Hitchcock to "Singin' in the Rain."

Chet and Dee finally decided that life in the real world was getting so suspenseful that it was time to escape into the world of fake suspense as served up by the master, Alfred Hitchcock. And what better way to start than with Hitch's first big international hit, starring 1930s icons Robert Donat and Madeleine Carol? If you've ever enjoyed an action movie that includes elements of humor and romance, you can bet the people who made it studied Hitchcock's work. Join Chet and Dee as they marvel at how it all comes together.