One Big Therapy Session

Nov 03, 2020, 09:00 AM
It's no secret that having a difficult relationship with a parent can be draining, especially when your efforts to connect are turned down time and time again. Kail and Vee are both familiar with trying to navigate these types of relationships, and this week they talk about their experiences, and how they have come to terms with it. To lighten things up a bit, Kail and Vee are super excited to get to work on their new office/podcasting space! They can't wait to decide on decorations and figure out how they can grow in the space. Plus Vee helps Kail navigate the real estate world, and gives her some pointers on what to watch out for.

This episode was sponsored by: Manscaped, DHM Detox, FightCamp, & KiwiCo

Music by: Loyalty Freak Music