Fighting Back With Frampton

Nov 17, 2020, 12:30 AM
Northern Ireland’s first two-weight World Champion boxer Carl Frampton joins our host Dr. Wendy Austin MBE to discuss resilience and bouncing back in a post-COVID society.

How does Frampton deal with adversity? What advice does he have for building resilience and overcoming setbacks?

How does Frampton react to criticism and how does he deal with the pressure of living life in the public eye?

How important have Frampton’s family and support network been to his success? Who are his inspirations?

Why do the physical and mental challenges of boxing go hand in hand and how important is it to be vocal about mental health?

What impact has COVID had on boxing? How does Frampton stay motivated?

What’s the greatest challenge outside of boxing that Frampton has overcome? What are his ambitions when he hangs up the gloves?

And how can Frampton’s attitude and philosophy be applied to other walks of life, such as business?

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