US and Europe, Asia, the world: under Biden. Gregory R Copley

Nov 05, 2020, 03:24 AM
Image: The world: long, long ago

Gregory R Copley: Defense and Foreign Affairs; Gregory R Copley, The New

Total War of the Twenty-first Century and the Trigger of the Fear Pandemic, in re: Mr Biden and foreign affairs: Europe, Middle East, Asia.

Europe: probable slowdown of move of US forces out of Germany (Germany would get the income from those troops); the appearance of more harmony in NATO but deceptive, as its mandate is the common defense, whereas with Biden there’d be less pressure on Merkel to apply a full 2% to defense Also, no more legal pressure to stop the Nordstream pipeline through the Baltic. A short-term [situation] enabling Russia to continue its move into Europe. Also: China moves into Europe.  Biden intending to have a conversation with Ramlah/the Palestinian Authority; further, restore the Iran deal. What of the Abraham Accords? Biden administration has no real strategic aims in the Middle East beyond undoing what Trump has done.  Iranians not interested in doing or renewing any deal.  Biden policy would be a continuing of Obama policies: support Turkish radicals (Muslim Brotherhood), Qatar, et al.    All do nothing for US security.

No one has worked harder for a Biden administration than Xi Jinping—to get relief from the pressures that Trump has put on China. In medium- and long-term, China is in economic free-fall; hopes to consolidate its arrogation of territory in the South China Sea, and perhaps be [kinetically] aggressive against Taiwan.