Under Biden or under Trump: the Middle East and Red Sea. Gregory R Copley

Nov 05, 2020, 03:25 AM
Image:  1905: "Egypt. Suez Canal. Vessel in the Salt Lake. Red Sea."

Gregory R Copley: Defense and Foreign Affairs; Gregory R Copley, The New 

Total War of the Twenty-first Century and the Trigger of the Fear Pandemic, in re: Mr Trump: if he can consolidate the Abraham Accord, bring in Oman and perhaps get Saudi under control; help resolve the Cypriot-Egyptian gas fields disputes; also the Nile dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt. If so, he’ll restore US influence over Red Sea sea lanes, which is critical.

Might see construction of a viable [economic] regime in the Red Sea area.  Also can start to look at Iran in a new context. Also, aid the bloc of Central Asian states, thereby facilitating trade from the Indian Ocean to [Europe].  A profound impact on the regional economy and separate Russia from being a [necessary] intermediary.

He’ll have to counter a restless India, which might start another war with Pakistan to link itself with Central Asia through Gilgut. 

Russia: Syria Ukraine? Baltics?  US an Russia have separate and competing interests; but for he past five years, and attempt to paint Russia as though it was the USSR and untouchable—for domestic purposes; stopped Trump. If US wants to [  ] PRC, he’ll have to do that in conjunction with Russia, pull it away from its dependence on China.

Hong Kong:  HK, Tibet, Xinjiang Mongols – US and allies should work toward inspiring independence movements to break up China.