Trump administration has correctly identified the PRC threat. Biden has not. @YatesDCIA, @dciadvisory, @GordonGChang

Nov 05, 2020, 03:26 AM
Image: By government decree every member of the commune is entitled to a private lot
       Cartoon shows Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong standing behind a microphone under a flag showing the hammer and sickle, reading a proclamation to a crowd of beaten down Chinese peasants, who stand behind a row of open graves.  The coffins lying next to the graves are labeled "Victims of Hunger in Red China."  In 1961, after a period of disastrous weather, Communist China experienced a severe agricultural famine.  The government was forced to change its policies, relaxing centralized controls of the agricultural communes and even giving the farmers the right to farm their own plots.  Valtman suggests that the only plots that many Chinese will receive will be their own graves.

Steve Yates: 葉望輝, @YatesDCIA, @dciadvisory, former deputy national security advisor to Vice President Cheney and currently CEO of DC International Advisory;  and Gordon Chang, @GordonGChang, Daily Beast; in re: The reaction of China and Taiwan to the U.S. election.  If Mr Biden becomes president, a lot of uncertainty in Taiwan. Under Trump, Taiwanese people have seen material improvement of relations and [safety].  The multiple-decades career of Biden anent Taiwan.  Every new president tries to establish cordial relations with Beijing—Trump did. Taiwanese govt  remains neutral toward the US election, but its press is most favorable to Trump’s policies.

If Mr Trump remains president: Secy Pompeo would stay in place for a time—he’s been the most public critic of PRC deeds and the world, and [upheld] Taiwanese dignity. Matt Pottinger speaks Mandarin fluently, has a warm spot for democracy.

Chinese currency moves: US election, or else Ant Group IPO.  Would Biden continue arms sales already promised to Taiwan?  [Unlikely]—probably put them on pause.  Trump administration  has correctly identified the threat of the PRC.