The 11-mile hop livestreamed. Robert Zimmerman, The 11-mile hop livestreamed. Robert Zimmerman,

Nov 06, 01:00 AM
Image: Rocketry. Here:  The umbilical tower moves away from the Falcon 9 rocket as it lifts off from Cape Canaveral.
Robert Zimmerman,; in re: In Zvezda, an inch-long hairline crack.  Not accessible.  Have taped it over for temporary solution; expect to do a space walk to find the exterior of the crack and permanently repair it in December.  If this is a stress fracture, can expect it to continue to grow.  SpaceX and the Starship hop: a live stream of the 11-mile (50,000-foot) hop up and down: video will show warts and all; “You’ll see every frame that we do.” — Elon Musk.  NASA; Constellations in orbit: satellites from a single company or nation, all of which accomplish the same purpose, e.g., Starlink; OneWeb; Iridium from the Nineties.  NASA commented on a sat license app: opposition because of interference with other sats, an the large antennae will make it hard to manoueuver around them, but still puzzling.  US court order to India’s space agy to pay $1.2 billion: antedates Modi, back to 2004/2011. Commercial arm of the Indian space agency made a private deal to develop commercial sats in orbit.  The govt would build it, the company would commercialize the bandwidth.  The Indian govt arbitrarily broke the deal, with allegations of payoffs.   This will crimp US-Indian partnerships. ESA/Ariana 6.