Music Marketing Mistakes That NOBODY Teaches You

Nov 06, 2020, 12:57 AM
Music Marketing Mistakes That NOBODY Teaches You

Nowhere throughout the process of learning to play an instrument or music lessons at school does anybody ever teach you how to market your music. 

It drives me crazy how many music marketing mistakes artists make because they don't understand how to promote a single or plan a release because of all the lies that ego has taught other artists. 

The four biggest music marketing mistakes that I see are: 
  1. Quality of Music Equals New Fans 
  2. Quality of Music Equals Collaborations / Sales
  3. Not Treating Your Music As a BUSINESS
  4. Comparing Content To Other Artists 

How many of these music promotion mistakes are you guilty of? Do your music marketing strategies have plans for discoverability and shareability? 

I want to know how you promote your music and share a guide how not to release music with you! 

If you want to understand why musicians fail, it's because most artists get caught up thinking they know about music marketing because of the follower count and that fans will click the link in their bio based off their name along. 

Unfortunately, music promotion is getting much harder and you need music marketing strategies to help drum your new release into the fans.