8. Sis, Let's Get Into this GLOW UP! Series: Plan for it!

May 04, 2020, 03:12 PM

Hey girl! Now, if you're anything like me you loveeeee a good plan. For me, it just gives me order and structure to literally everything I do. However, I have been learning to chill and let God take the lead. I can plan all day long, but it His plan that will prevail, and quite frankly, I think I would like His wayyyyy better. Come sit and chat with me about planning! Planning is essential to the glow-up process because when we comprehend something and actually write it down, that just makes what we want even MORE REAL. This is probably going to be different from anything you've ever heard because we are INCLUDING God in our planning process. I hope you know that you would never reach your full potential without God on your side. He wants to help and bless you so bad, but He must be included in your planning process. You also must listen and obey as well.

Whew chile, that was already a mouthful, just sit back and listen on how to GLOW UP in our planning with God. 

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