3. Sis, Let's Get Into Him Working It Out for Your Good

Mar 23, 2020, 05:21 PM

I know Rona has the girls shook, but God knew this was going to happen and I promise He has something up his sleeve for you! The good news is, He is working this out for your good! I know most of us don't like being forced to stay in the house, but remember that vision He gave you awhile ago that you still haven't started on because you said you didn't have the time? Remember the conversations that should have been had with your family, but you all were never home at the same time to discuss the issue? Remember you never having order or being able to get things done because you felt like the days and hours ran together, and you said you would get to it when you can? Yeah, we're addressing ALL of that in today's episode. It's time that we address some stuff, and embrace this season of quarantine to conquer!