Disrupting her Tendencies to gravitate Toward War

Nov 08, 2020, 05:01 AM
“The kids are laughing in the streets. I know these paved ways through my city like the back of my hand. The kids have smiles stuck on their faces. It rains; their flesh and bones are falling. They do not feel the death encroaching. Its okay baby, I do. I feel it all for you. I can’t make you see what I see. By the time I put it on a canvas it will be too late. I was never supposed to be the savior of anything. There was nothing I could save. Not even you my love. I was born to record. I was made to sing. I am the story boy by your sleepy head on the train. I am the voice you need to fall asleep. I’ll be gentle at times, I swear. But the story of this day is full of violent despair. I cannot pretend that I am happy. The lesser of two evils is just as much of a nasty thing as its opposition. Dualities attract until they dissolve into each other, you see. Opposites are the exact same thing by their definition in energetic compounds. It’s self-explanatory if you think about it. Think! All fucking day for no reason and with no moral obligation or social objection, its called meditation baby; contemplate your soul with me. I am not trying to prove anything to you. This is my truth. Leave me alone! Believe in your own. Only you. No one can mandate these thoughts that reel around inside of your physical form. You must think. Think about what is nasty to you. Is the face important? Who’s the advisor? Who’s dictating your movements? Who is writing the biggest story? It isn’t reality baby girl, that’s a manipulative idea. It is the greatest story ever told. Look how it’s preserved itself over time. Its expansion to the masses was so eloquently advertised, the majority falsely identified it as the truth. But babe, that’s fucking insane! It can be your truth and mine. These are entirely different things. Your colors cannot belong to my line of sight. I see a city of bloody children dancing under a sky dripping red on their happy little faces. They open their mouths. I stick out my tongue. No one wins baby, our truth was collectively stolen; collected and reformed as energy working against you. Our enemy is the same as our own belief. As long as there is no room for an opposing force to exist beside our body lovingly, it will always be war. You’re so sleepy sweet girl, I know. But you’ve forgotten, we were trapped in a dream by forceful dictation and forced to favor things we hated. Force-fed flesh. Sucking on the tits of another species before we felt our own knees on the earth. Think about it, what choices were you given? I have never been fond of games that require picking sides. Daddy said don’t pick mommy. Mommy said if you pick daddy I would never love you again. I pick daddy. I never see mommy again. Daddy matches mommy’s sadistic tendencies over time. Daddy liked the look of me, but he couldn’t stomach what lived inside. Don’t choose to live in this place! Its hell on earth with a plastic tarp covering the dead kids used to make it work. On top of the plastic is brunch. An unlimited supply of universal energy is being held above our heads by the fast food industry. Its easy to identify, look toward the money honey. The money is green, the color of love. The money is the destruction. The destruction is necessary. The human instinct is to move into the direction of power. This is not a matter of evil. Nothing is good without its equivalent opposing force in hiding somewhere. It’s a matter of nature. We are a destructive force of nature. Until we say it aloud, all together, this will always be our story. One at a time, one force over another; such stupidity we’ve discovered in all our scientific explorations! We can fly. Stupid human. We can say a dream aloud and watch it manifest in physical form right before our eyes. Tough luck. We never look up. We don’t care to see what we have decided we cannot reach. We were taught into deciding. No, silly crybaby, you cant fly, they say. Your friends are in your imagination. That is a separate thing. You must remain in sight. You must take a number and step aside. You must find a way to work to keep this dream alive, whether you want to wake up or not. You must close your eyes to dream. You must fight! Look at that guy! She’s got a gun! He wants to kill you. She wants to eat you alive. I love you. I’ve drawn lines in the sand and put a stick in it. I painted a flag just for you. You are home in this land. Lets play a game. I give you a gun and you protect the ones I’ll teach you to identify as safe. Lets play another game. Lets sit and stare at a screen until I tell you I’m done hiding everything. When I’ve finished, you’ll be dead. I’m sorry it took so long. I was taking your time and using mine to force-feed all living minds into a completely submissive state. They’ll say these things. I’ll say anything for the voice inside of me. I tried to save your spirit baby girl! I tried with all my fucking might!” She rolls over and looks at me. I start weeping. “Sage. Sweet boy, will you please shut the fuck up. I’m trying to sleep.”