Conversations With Dez - with Martha Delehanty, Chief People Officer, Commvault

Nov 09, 2020, 11:46 AM
I recently caught up with Martha Delehanty, Chief People Officer at Commvault to talk about her role, the amazing journey she and the company have had through in year 2020, and what it has been like to start a exciting new role with an amazing company like Commvault, right at the point where the #COVID19 global pandemic hit, and be faced with the broad array of challenges which came with such an extraordinary event.
Having just joined Commvault right around the time COVID19 hit North America, a time when the company was already going through significant transformation starting in 2019 – with a new CEO and other leadership changes, the acquisition of Hedvig, the launch of a startup inside the company called Metallic, driving continued innovation, etc. - Martha shares what the journey was like bearing in mind she came in to help with people transformation while honouring 20-year heritage.
Martha also shares insights around how her initial focus when joining the company was to advance the companies Inclusion & Diversity initiatives, and yet within days of joining, the entire company was tasked with shifting focus to responding to the pandemic, and key fundamental matters such as employee health/safety during COVID, new challenges as a result of working remotely, stress, always on, childcare/education, flexibility, reinforcement of self-care, all while staying focused on and balancing customer needs, empowered my team to deliver and so much more.
We discuss broadly the emergence of the COVID19 pandemic & the challenges it brought with it, in light of the fact that Commvault is a global company, and as such they saw COVID19 emerge from day one as it appeared in China, made its way through South East Asia, A/NZ, EMEA, the UK, and into the Americas, and how that played out in their world as they addressed the immediate challenges to keep people safe, ensure they could run the business as well as support their global ecosystem of partners, resellers, integrators and customers.
We also talk about the varying degrees of status quo as parts of the world now reach the six to eight month mark ( depending on where you are in the world ) of living with and working with COVID19, and the fact that Commvault has not only had to keep it’s own business operational, but they’ve also had to support their global ecosystem or partners, resellers, integrators and customers - and what that journey been like so far, and what Martha thinks the key success factors that not only saw the business “get through it” as it were, but do so very successfully for both Commvault and the global ecosystem of businesses they support beyond their own company.
We wrap up with a where to from here, what does an ideal world look like post 2020, as we enter the last calendar quarter of 2020, Christmas is “just around the corner” as it were, organisations of all type, shapes and sizes are now facing the challenge of another potentially challenging period whilst still having to address substantial challenges relating to people and operations - I ask Martha “What does an ideal world look like post 2020 and what steps can organisations take to achieve such a state operationally?”.
We close out with a little Crystal Ball gazing, as I ask Martha, if she were to offer one piece of advice to her peers in similar industry or market segments as they, like her, now look at how they might prepare for the next 12 to 18 months through 2021 and beyond, what would it be. You will be amazed by the sage advice offered.
This was such a fantastic discussion and indeed it is one not to be missed.
Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more.
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