From basil downy mildew to flavoursome herbs: AHDB's crop protection, IPM and flavour research in herbs

Episode 212,  Nov 11, 2020, 07:00 AM

For our protected edibles and mushrooms showcase week, this special edition podcast is hosted by Grace Choto, AHDB's Knowledge Exchange Manager for Field Vegetables (Leafy salads, herbs and speciality veg) and looks at our recent and current work with herbs. In particular, this episode looks at where levy payers' money has been invested and the benefits of both research and knowledge exchange work in this area. Grace is joined by Simon Budge (Head of Research for Agronomy and Crop Protection at Vitacress Herbs and AHDB panel member), Claire Donkin (Technical Officer for British Herbs and independent agronomist), and Kim Parker (AHDB Crop Protection Scientist).