Let the Feast Begin!

Nov 11, 2020, 06:17 AM
Water is life. Love is food. We only feed each other if we are paid to. Money is eating love alive. Money is food is love is going away. Fear is something that you drink without thinking. Shame is eatable. There is poison in everything digestible these days. Think. You took no part in the creation of it. So you must pay. The sacrifice is insignificant, barely noticeable: you. Love is green. We are eating each other’s life force in hopes of feeling anything at all. Love has gone from this place. Dare you blame her? The desire to feed dissipated. They rip apart the remains, the only flesh I’ve ever loved: you. It looked like love, but it wasn’t you. Love doesn’t speak of itself, that’s a waste of the few breaths we have left to take. Love doesn’t care less that you have food to eat. Love creates. Love feeds. He asked for a truce, but what I meant to say was fuck you. I don’t want to play nice. I hate you! Don’t scream baby, you’ll wake the sleepy children. That pitiful boy has been up for three days. He needs to rest. I need to never hear your voice so that I can finish the story without being interrupted again. Thank you for banishing the sound of me. Thank you for taking my hands. Thank you for forgetting the scent that stuck to the skin on the back of my neck. Thank you for creating an infinite silence to set our love down to decay. I could’ve never done some shit like that without you. Prepare yourself my love. The end of our bodies intertwined was just the beginning. Find a source of water immediately! Start prepping your body to fast for a long period of time. Pack a bag full of crystals and your favorite stuffed animals. Keep it by the door. Keep your boots untied. Build strength in your thighs. Go upside down. Play in lucid dreams for weeks. Wake up! Yesterday feels so far away. But it is here, today. Memory is a trick we play on ourselves. We are fond of learning. We learn too much. Think. In and out, like the waves of her attentive gaze on your physical existence. We forgot today. She looks away. Her patience is limited. We abandoned blind faith in destiny. She is the fairy, or don’t you remember? You stood at the river and chose this fate. You put a spell on his boney body with purpose. And I curse you for it! You will live forever. I will never stop loving you. You mustn’t know why. You cannot know anything. Put one foot in front of the other. Giggle, because its so much fun to own nothing. Skip, because boredom is a precious thing. This is the dance that bonds my curse to your spell. This is the end. Stop. Close your eyes. Weep. Breathe. Wrap your fingers around your tender ribcage and rock like a baby. Throw a tantrum! Go ahead, run away! You’re such a fucking brat. Why don’t you stay still for a change of pace? Scream! Stop, babygirl. Be gentle. Sleep. Dream. Then you’ll see me running behind you. Then you’ll be brave enough to yell my name at the top of your lungs. Then your chest will expand and your tender heart will be free to love. I make no demands. I want your desire. I will wait for sleep to steal me. In the meantime, they will unleash floodgates of blood and promote personal responsibility in soaking it up with the mask against your lips. Hush baby! Don’t speak unless I tell you to. It’s time to eat.
 Let the feast begin!