Conversations With Dez - with George DeCandio & Peter Wassel from Broadcom

Nov 11, 2020, 12:59 PM
I caught up with George DeCandio, Chief Technology Officer - Mainframe Software Division, Broadcom, and Peter Wassel, Director of Product Management & Strategy - Mainframe Software Division, Broadcom, to talk about the latest in Mainframe DevOps and what Broadcom are doing to help their Mainframe clients unlock the value of their Mainframe applications with modern tooling and processes, such as DevOps, and via open interfaces.
We kick off with an overview from both Gorge and Peter of the Challenges and opportunities on the mainframe from a DevOps perspective, with some great insights into what is happening within the world inside Broadcom as well as throughout their ecosystem of partners and customers.
We then look at the various impacts and potential for opening up the mainframe, the general opportunities of Mainframe DevOps into the opportunities in opening up the mainframe - we discuss Broadcom’s open-first message, and why being low-opinion & non-prescriptive is valuable and why that approach matters for businesses who want to succeed.
Next we do a deep dive into what it means to be open (touch on APIs, CLIs, SDKs, IDEs), and discuss Zowe, IDEs like Che and Visual Studio code, George and Peter explain some background on what the Open Mainframe Project does, then walk us through Broadcom’s commitment and contribution to it and why it matters, and was look at what off-platform tooling means, i.e. enterprise DevOps tool chains and more.
We wrap up with a broad look at what Broadcom is currently doing for Mainframe DevOps, from both Business and Technical perspectives, George and Peter offer their unique insights from inside the business, as well as key highlights from around the world and what they are doing with customers to drive successful outcomes.
Key points we cover here include there commitment to Zowe and IDEs through CA Brightside, there focus on Git and CA Endeavour Bridge for Git, the the significance of the Mainframe Developer cockpit, and that in effect in the modern world, everyone becomes a developer.
An important point discussed is that Broadcom understand that Mainframe DevOps is a journey and requires cultural change, new tools, new practices, etc. which if not done right, can indeed be an overwhelming change, but with the support of and tools from Broadcom is a journey and a journey to success - we also learn more about their amazing no-fee offerings and why they view this journey as a partnership and not just a vendor-customer relationship.
We wrap up with a brief look at the design thinking workshop Broadcom offers, be sure to visit the DevOps link below today as your organisation will gain real value from this offering.
Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more.
This podcast was made in partnership with the Mainframe division of Broadcom.
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