Unlocking Your Inner Badass with Siobhan Christman

Episode 68,  Nov 17, 2020, 08:00 AM

We’ve saved the best for last! Today, in our season finale episode, I joined my friend Siobhan Christman for a deep conversation sharing how she took what at the time seemed like a huge devastation when she lost her dream job but then turned it into something better than she could have ever imagined. 

Siobhan is a Mindset and Performance Coach that teaches women how to reframe their mind, step into their confidence and achieve their goals. After 15 years in sales development, she went out on an adventure to make an impact in the lives of strangers, with the goal to witness how small actions can make a big impact with other people. When the world shut down due to the global pandemic, she shifted her focus from big impact outside of herself, to a big impact within. Now her goal is to teach others the small actions they can take to make big results for themselves, which in turn will ripple out to others.

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