Pressing, Beating the Press & Jockey Revelations #W6

Nov 11, 2020, 11:38 PM

AirJapes, TheFUTCoach aka Steve Stokes, and ImADuckQuack join your host Ben to discuss:
  • Diagnosing defensive issues
  • Important 3 at the back tips
  • Gameplay frustrations - are they connection?
  • Game changing information about improving your jockey!
  • How to press effectively
  • How to get out of the press
  • Pressing nerf incoming?
  • Fun and effective additions: player lock & flair goals

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  • Road To The Final Team 1 Thoughts
  • RTTF Kounde Review
  • How RTTF final players look as investments
  • Tips for Live FUT Friendly objectives
  • Objective tips
  • Market going forward
  • "League SBCs" Return
  • Much more!