RELEASE DAY Marketing!! How To Promote A Single In 24 HOURS!!

Nov 12, 2020, 05:42 PM
How To Promote A Single In 24 Hours!!

Have you ever woken up on release day and wanted to start marketing music after release but you had absolutely no clue where to start? Did you think about an announcement post in the evening or google 'how to promote new music video'?

In this video I want to give you a gameplan how to promote a single in 24 hours from midnight to midnight the next day what to do at certain times of the day!

We'll cover 14 different steps for how to create a music marketing plan and can break them down into sections about each task!

I want you to feel confident in the way you promote a single after release and know what you have to do when marketing music after release.

For a guideline the 13 posts at specific times are the day are structured like this:

1) Midnight Change Pivot Link In Bio
2) Midnight celebration Instagram Story
3) Midnight Tappable Spotify Story
4) Mid-morning Power Image
5) Mid-morning Video Message
6) Midday Stories Archive
7) Midday Spotify For Artists Pick
8) Midday Branded Food / Party Stuff
9) Mid-afternoon Circle Of Trust
10) Mid-afternoon Mailing List / FB Groups
11) Mid-evening Power Image Carousel
12) Mid-evening Re-watch Your Story
13) Mid-evening Feature on another artist's IG Live

Let me know which of these steps you had never tried before??

Which one is your favourite???