The Libertines - Gary Powell on the music, the mayhem, and the magic, plus Pete & Carl's bond, and what's next

Episode 38,  Nov 14, 2020, 12:01 AM

Gary Powell from The Libertines is this week's very special guest on The Boys in the Band Podcast. 

The legendary drummer gives us the inside story on the music, the mayhem, and the magic of one of Britain's most loved bands.

From what it's like being on stage during their wild gigs, to explaining how the band's big-selling three albums were put together, Gary gives us a unique insight into life in the Libertines.

Plus he reflects on the fascinating relationship between frontmen Pete & Carl, and the tough challenges the pair have had to overcome along the way. Gary also reveals the Libertines' plans for 2021 - where new music and new shows are on the way.

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Written, presented and produced by Peter Smith and Richard Gallagher

Pod thumbnail design by Daniel Curtin

*Recorded on 9 November 2020*


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