Land Your Chip Shot Like A Butterfly With Sore Feet

Nov 15, 02:00 PM
Chipping. Pitching. Doing it wrong leads to bitching! What you want to do is land your ball onto the green like a butterfly with sore feet! And in this week’s episode of Those Weekend Golf Guys, Jeff Smith, the #1 Golf Instructor in the state of Indiana tells you how to do that first time every time. And we also celebrate Master’s Sunday by spending some time with Linda Hartough. She is one of the best golf art creators in the world. She started her career of capturing the beauty of golf on canvas at the Master’s in 1985 with her now famous landscape of the 13th hole at Augusta National. She has painted courses all over the world and we are proud to have her with us on this Master’s Sunday. Another fun, funny, and extremely entertaining edition of the award winning golf podcast, Those Weekend Golf Guys.