Purpose, Dreams and Wonder

Nov 18, 2020, 03:00 PM
Kristy shares her love of coffee, fave black beanie story and how the surface of us is just as true as our depths. 

She feels we are each here to create or share something that is wanting our attention. We simply must slow down and pay attention to the nudges. 

Purpose doesn't have to be lofty. Its simply being who you were made to be and opening to allow all that wants to come to and through you. 

Our dreams and longings can be guideposts for the meaning and fulfillment we've been missing in our life. 

Connecting back in with eyes of wonder can help unlock dormant dreams and desires, the golden brick path to ones purpose. 

Through story Kristy weaves her own soul's nudge with the angel sign that set her on her path ten years ago and connects with the same jeweler's pendant she purchase this past summer that says, "Tell me a story..." Part of Kristy's purpose is to connect souls with scrolls (purpose) through storytelling. While the desire to write a novel surprised Kristy, when she tracked back to her childhood love of reading and story, along with writing her own Oz book, she realized she's been given all the breadcrumbs for her to find her way. 

Trained as a Doctor of Pharmacy that led her down the prescribed path, becoming a writer and opening up her mystical abilities has been the fruits of unlocking the patch within. We each have ours. 

And yours is calling you, nudging you, too. 

Come share a few moments, let yourself breathe deep, be present and connect with soul.