Con Air

Episode 1,  Nov 16, 2020, 05:01 AM

Mike and Harry provide a mildly cordial introduction to MOVIE BOUNCE!

(0:00 - 21:00) INTRO

SPOILERS! Mike is a long time movie enthusiast. Harry is not -- preferring music, artwork, video games, BUT he has always been open to the world of movies. Harry provides a truly fresh perspective, while Mike brings his love for movies to the table. Game on! Join in on the fun, stay for the insight, and have fun as we bounce from movie to movie.

(21:10 - 25:45) On The Rocks -- Harry's Hot Take
(26:00 - 32:25) Tenet -- Mike's Hot Take

(32:57 - 1:21:55) Con Air SPOILER DISCUSSION 

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