Teachers’s unions cozy with Democrats; long-term damage to children. @wjmcgurn, @WSJOpinion

Nov 18, 2020, 03:27 AM
Image:  Two boys fighting and two boys pushing on door through which school teacher is trying to enter.

Bill McGurn, @wjmcgurn, @WSJOpinion, WSJ editorial page & Main Street column, in re:   Children losing a year of school. Teachers’s unions all companionable with the Democratic party since Jimmy Carter. Have a lot of delegates at Democratic conventions, are well organized.  Both for big government.   All genuine education reform begins with reducing the [stranglehold] of the teachers’s unions. Biden has four union members on his transition team. We’ll just throw federal dollars at the unions.  Vaccinations.  

The teachers’s unions are really against reopening schools, irrespective of vaccines; are hiding behind health.  Parents are getting a taste of what giving teachers’s unions power over the schools means—private schools and Catholic schools are open now; public schools are not; parents are fit to be tied. In DC there was a special program for high-need kids, about 7,000 of them; the teachers’s union killed the program.  Are also trying to destroy charter schools: condemning children to life on the margins.