#19 Undiscussables

Nov 19, 2020, 10:40 AM

That feeling you get when you look around the meeting table, and everyone wants to talk about what really matters, but nobody dare!

In this weeks episode our Coaches tackle the thorny subject of Undiscussables; they take a curious look at why conversations that really need to happen, don't, and how leaders should go about it?

Our Leadership Essentials

  1. Respect the fear that accompanies this exercise, always use a facilitator
  2. Reflect and take notice of your initial response to each undiscussable as you them read aloud - Listen for what is said, and not said
  3. Challenge ideas and assumptions, not people. Be aware of untested attributions, especially of people’s motives. Discuss with your Coach about employing them in a facilitation role taking one undiscussable at a time.

The Facilitator Approach

If you are interested in learning about how a facilitator would approach this; you can listen to an example in our fictional organisation where an undiscussable issue is causing our CEO a real headache. Looking at this issue with questions posed by the Facilitator and the steps he takes our team through, show how it is possible to make everyone feel comfortable about solving the problem.