What Kind of Man Are You?

Episode 4,  Nov 18, 2020, 11:10 PM

What Kind of Man Are You?

This week we are celebrating International Men’s Day by challenging you to answer that very question. Throughout this 5 session podcast, we are tackling 5 different topics to get you talking about all things men’s health and wellbeing. Tune in to hear about our speakers’ personal journeys and start the conversation this International Men’s Day hosted by Caroline Fox – Senior Employee Engagement Manager.

What Kind of Man Cries? Matthew Smith, Co-Founder – “If U Care, Share” Foundation, discusses men’s mental health (1:00 minutes)

What Kind of Man Gets Sick? Alfie Jones, testicular cancer survivor, shares his personal journey through diagnosis, treatment, recovery and life after cancer (17:20 minutes)

What Kind of Man Loves Another Man? Reed Badman, Salesforce Developer – Revolent, talks about his experience as a member of the LGBTQ+ community (31:15 minutes)

What Kind of Man Fights for Someone Else? Mark Hill, CIO – Tenth Revolution Group, joins us to talk about his role as a diversity and inclusion ally (43:00 minutes)

What Kind of Man Goes Beyond? Alex Waldron, Recruitment Consultant – Mason Frank International, talks about why he wants to Go Beyond and support equality, diversity, and inclusion at Revolent (53:45 minutes)