Holiday Talk, Job Judgment, and Holding On To Things

Nov 19, 09:00 AM
With the holiday season just around the corner, Lindsie and Kail want to talk about some holiday related topics. Food is a big part of any holiday celebration, but not every family eats the sane things. Kail and Lindsie both want to know what foods their family ate and didn't eat during their celebrations. And having an unconventional job can result in judgment from other people. Lindsie and Kail both have their own experiences telling people about their careers, and the thoughts some people have about them. Plus is nostalgia getting in the way of Lindsie being able to let go of old things? Kail has some advice for how Lindsie can start making some changes. All this, plus find out about Kail's unwanted bedmate, on this week's episode of Coffee Convos!

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Music by Nathaniel Wyvern.
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