Forgiving student debt from the bottomless pit of tax monies. @RichardAEpstein

Nov 20, 03:52 AM
Image:  Taxation  

Richard Epstein: @RichardAEpstein, Chicago Law, NYU Law, Hoover Defining Ideas, in re: In any red state, the bluest part is universities. Does Biden have the moxie to forgive student debt?  There are several routes; if yes, the families that paid back the debt would find themselves paying for those who didn't.  No use spending money to send someone to college who winds up unable to earn a living.  We don’t need to expand the college population since many are better off going to a good trade school.  Elizabeth Warren thinks [the public purse] is a bottomless barrel of funds.  “I belong to no organized party; I’m a Democrat.” — Will Rogers.