‘We can have an inclusive society, and we can do it through school’

Nov 26, 2020, 06:00 AM
In this week’s podcast I chat with Professor Julie Allan, Professor of Equity and Inclusion and in the University of Birmingham in the UK. Her work encompasses inclusive education, disability studies and children’s rights and is both empirical and theoretical. Julie has been advisor to the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Dutch and Queensland Governments and has worked extensively with the Council of Europe.

In this interview she discusses her research in Sweden with children and young people focusing on their views of inclusion in school, she highlights the expansion of inclusive education around the world but also the growth in diagnoses and the special education sector more generally.

We finish up by discussing the impact of COVID on vulnerable groups in education at present and whether this presents an opportunity to reform and improve our education systems to become more inclusive.

Find out more about Professor Julie Allan here.