The BIG Music Manager Debate!! What Do Good Artist Managers Do?

Nov 20, 2020, 03:03 PM
Finding a music manager who understands you can be tough. You might be wondering do I need a music manager when I can do most things myself!

In this video I wanted to share some music manager tips and breakdown the musician vs music manager debate into who works harder!!

Being an Artist manager can be tough because you need to have a good balance of understanding the music industry from contracts, labels, publishing, radio, streaming and appreciating the creativity of your musician.

So in this video, I'm breakdown down the music managers debate and sharing my tips how to best work together alongside an artist manager:

1) Work towards the same goals
Check in regularly, update each other on progress and make sure you are both working in the same direction!

2) Agree What Content To Create
Make pitching to radio and press easier by working alongside your manager to forecast what content to create that helps sell the pitch!

3) Designing a Post-Release Content Calendar
Write out all the captions and post ideas for every post that will go on social media. Take this calendar into meetings to show what the artist is working on!
If you need help designing a calendar, book in a call with me to discuss!

4) Loop In Your Manager to Existing Relationships
Ask friends for email intros to platforms they have worked on and loop in your manager to take over the discussion!

Did this video help in the music manager debate for who works harder? My vote goes to the Artist Manager for staying organised and juggling so many more plates / pushing the artist to be creative.

Who hustles more in your eyes? Let's start the debate in the comments below!!!

Thanks for watching!