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Nov 21, 04:09 AM
Image:  Marine Guard, 10/11/1922
Francis Rose,@FRoseDC, host of @GovMattersTV @ ABC7News & WJLA 24/7 News. Washington D.C., in re:  NATO in its seventieth year: is its mission important? Should it continue to exit?  The threat of Russia in Europe has not diminished; need to integrate matters concerning the next generation. CISA —cyber security within DHS, liaison across the country in all matters of cybersecurity. Has been working on election security. Ron Marks, a contractor: Iran’s attempts to interfere and cause trouble in our recent election.  Assume that China, North Korea and Russia also tried.  
Arnold Punaro, retired United States Marine Corps Major General, CEO of The Punaro Group & IronArch Technology; chairman of the Secretary of Defense's Reserve Forces Policy Board and member of the Defense Business Board.

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