1/2 The vaccine is coming! The vaccine is coming! And what is to be done? @HenryIMiller @PacificResearch HenryMillerMD.org

Nov 21, 04:48 AM
Image: Placing crude typhus vaccine in centrifuging machines [long ago]. USPHS (United States Public Health Service) Rocky Mountain Laboratory. Hamilton, Montana
Henry Miller, @HenryIMiller @PacificResearch HenryMillerMD.org; Pacific Research Institute, in re:  Emergency Use Authorization is unusual; the bar for such an approval is lower than the conventional, but justified here. Press coverage has been awfully rosy; data can be flawed, there can be outliers among the research institutions; mfg and controls are also key.  Licensing of a vaccine is rigorous and nuanced. Credit to Pfizer and __,   which did not accept federal funding in this exceptional research. Forty-four thousand subjects is about average these days for testing.  Still missing long-term safety data. Scepticism concerning the vaccines  has been fanned and exacerbated by remarks such as those issued by Governor Cuomo: extremely unwise and potentially physically dangerous.
Pfizer, BioNTech say they will file today for emergency clearance of coronavirus vaccine, which could make doses ready in December
The companies announced they plan to file Friday for regulatory approval of their coronavirus vaccine, a landmark moment and a signal that a powerful tool to help control the pandemic could begin to be available within weeks. Once the companies file their application, those findings will be scrutinized by regulators, potentially paving the way for limited doses of the vaccine to be available in December.
Henry’s new report on vaccine distribution  http://www.henrymillermd.org/24759/unnecessary-state-reviews-of-covid-19-vaccines