2/2 The vaccine is coming! The vaccine is coming! And what is to be done? @HenryIMiller @PacificResearch HenryMillerMD.org Image: Gare a la variole: watch out for smallpox (or syphilis). Henry Miller,@HenryIMiller @PacificResearch HenryMillerMD.org

Nov 21, 04:49 AM
Image: Gare a la variole:  Watch out for smallpox (or syphilis). 
Henry Miller, @HenryIMiller @PacificResearch HenryMillerMD.org; Pacific Research Institute, in re:  Social distancing: How detailed about the first tens of millions of does? Political agenda concerning tangential issues; Biden: Covid racial and ethnic disparities.  His plan reinvents a wheel by proposing a new public job corps to hire 100,000 employees to trace contractors.  Virtually impossible with the number extant; it's just a big govt program. How long for us to have 75% or 80% inoculation?  Don't know, but we need a powerful PR campaign to [elucidate] the vaccine. A century ago, the Supreme Court approved a govt mandate of smallpox vaccine inoculation—if necessary, but very much not my first choice.

Henry’s new report on vaccine distribution  http://www.henrymillermd.org/24759/unnecessary-state-reviews-of-covid-19-vaccines