2 Golf Movers and Shakers: Mark Sweeney and Augustin Piza

Nov 22, 2020, 01:00 PM
This week John Ashton and Jeff Smith spend time with two of golf's current movers and shakers: Mark Sweeney, creator of the Aim Point System and Augustin Piza, the golf architect that is creating some of the best courses ever in Latin America and beyond. You probably saw DJ's brother, Austin Johnson using the Aim Point System at the Master's. Listen as Mark explains not only how, but WHY the system works so well. And once you spend some time listening to Augustin Piza talk about golf, golf courses, nature and how they all work together you will be dashing out to the nearest course from Piza Golf. If that course happens to be in Cabo... all the better! Another fun, funny, entertaining hour of Award winning Golf Talk with Those Weekend Golf Guys Golf Podcast.