Thursday at Half Past 12 - A Ha-Ha-Halloween 2020 Scare-A-Palooza

Season 2, Episode 18,  Oct 27, 2020, 07:00 AM

Four "unsuspecting" teens look forward to a party weekend, only to be terrorized by a guilt-ridden man who missed his bar mitzvah.

Four “unsuspecting” teens head off into the forest for a weekend of partying and hanky-panky, only to find the cabin they rented doesn’t have WiFi, electricity or indoor plumbing. Oh no. And just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, WHAM! Lightning strikes and torrential rain begins to fall. These poor kids. 

Oh and there’s a creepy-looking-shadowy figure, wearing combat boots outside, who will stop but nothing to terrorize these kids and transfer his life-long guilt for missing his bar mitzvah — all because he was caught schtooping behind the shed.

Hosted by Sean Michael Beyer and starring the voices of Nick Pasqual, Adam Carbone, and Angela Hicks. Special guest voices: Michael Richard Thrasher, Bear Badeaux, and featuring Susan Pasqual. 

Written & Produced by Sean Michael Beyer. Audio Engineer, Sound Mix & Design by Shadow Mercury. 

©2020 Eye Scream Films & Media
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