Redemption is more appealing than Eternal Peace

Nov 25, 2020, 04:07 PM
Once upon a time there was a girl named anything that suited her mood. Her eyes shot through my skin. This look was intentional. She was trying to tell me a story. I was trying to wait patiently. But then I gave up and lifted a fist. I am destined for a royal engagement and you are too late babygirl. I turned around like walking away was an option. It was. I had a choice to make. She laughed aloud to hide the terror. She waited for me to move. I stood with my back to her gaze. She crossed a dimly lit bridge and held her breath over me shoulder. “Go ahead Sage, take one single step away from me. I dare you. Who are you dreaming of these days? How dare you! Get your hands off that boy! He belongs to me. Hey! Listen to me. Aren’t you supposed to be cowering at my feet? I am yours. You must do everything that I say. I have come to take full responsibility for the next move you make. Think carefully baby. Remember whom you are dealing with. I am not the little girl on Dove Street anymore. I dragged her pathetic desperate cries for love out to the light of day. I publically displayed my violent side and murdered her before your innocent eyes. Stupefied. I thought you would’ve expected. I let your innocence die. Don’t look at me that way. Don’t pretend like you aren’t a mirror reflection of the sins in me. I know your darkness. I’ve seen what you are capable of creating. I know what you left behind. I’ve met your shadow. I’ve watched her follow me, rubbing my face in the hot pavement. I remember who you are, little angelic one. And my love grows fiercer with every story told. My skin aches for you spoken aloud. My fingers are begging for your space in time.” She reaches out and touches my spine. She shoves me so gently that I almost expect to turn around and see nothing. I fold forward and cry. I stand tall again, this time with more strength then I’ve ever imagined possessing. I spread my shoulder blades and inhale her sweet temptation. The breath that escapes is eager and willing and pained. I don’t look behind. I don’t beg for love anymore. “I don’t like your games! So you’re all grown up, big fucking deal! You’ve got it all twisted buttercup. I’ve seen the end, and she is a playful child. She is my person. I have been carrying her dead body through the canyons for three years. I am so tired of brutality! You murdered the only girl I’ve ever loved for a bad attitude and a leather jacket. You haven’t got a clue! Anarchy is a community of belief. The beginning of a communist state begins with a vicious revolt. War is peace. The truth is a bunch of shitty actors on an overly lit stage. Everybody is mesmerized with the performance. But it’s only because they have nothing to do. Stay inside, scary shit happens after curfew! You might bump into a wild-eyed child being thrown around by the moon, ready to love you with all his might. He thinks you’re so beautiful. When dawn hits, it is magnified, her truth is hidden by a false pretense of eternal light. Sexy is an understatement is pitted against time. The clock is ticking. I am time. I am balance. I am universal judgment. Karma is the only law at play. You will pay for sacrificing your spirit for gold. It is all the darkness set free upon all of the light, or the cycle begins all over again, for the hundredth millionth time. Slaves to be freed. We’re in love with this storyline. Redemption is more appealing than eternal peace. What are you really fighting for? Run baby! Don’t you have somewhere to be? Haven’t you sold yourself to the highest bidder? How did he return the favor, numbers on a screen? Did this satisfy your desire? Did you ever stop wanting me? Did you ever touch this made-up currency? Did you forget what my skin tastes like? How much time was I worth? Did you pay in the end? Fuck your nasty sense of distributing worthiness. I hate your calculation of time! I’d rather see the world through the eyes of a child. The consequences are of no concern to me. My love will always protect me. I will stand completely still and wait for the blue-eyed-baby that I adore. When she comes to life in my arms, she will have nothing to explain. She will apologize to no one but her own flesh and bones. She will look me dead in the eyes and ask how I held the weight of the ocean for so long. I will tell her to look up. You see, little lady. Everything above is everything I am. My powers are never-ending. If you are certain this is a challenge that you are up for, bring me something worth beholding. Offer me a dead girls eyes, fearlessly. I wont refuse you. I won’t walk away without knowing with my whole soul that you are by my side for good this time. Don’t be lazy. I am not after your Sickening ideas of beauty. Write me a story. Take me to the river. Promise me happily ever after. I don’t care if it’s possible or not. Lie you’re way out of this shit how! I know the end is my destiny. I know you are mine. I’m not letting go. I’m not going quietly. I’m not giving in without a fight! Come on tough girl; show me what I’m worth! You never had the time to say. Now’s your chance baby, speak!”