Autism Grown Up with Dr. Tara Regan

Dec 07, 2020, 12:00 PM


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Meet Dr. Tara Regan, Founder and Executive Director of Autism Grown Up. Autism Grown Up provides the tools for everyone (autistic people, families, professionals, and more) to become better prepared for adulthood and navigate it together.

Dr. Tara Regan shares with viewers what led her to start Autism Grown Up. As the oldest of 4 children she has (2) younger brothers on the Spectrum - she saw first-hand the challenges they've encountered through the high school years and then into adulthood.

Autism Grown Up is meant to be a resource for families whose child is on the autism spectrum. There are many resources available, from free guides to individualized roadmaps (families pay for). Although based in North Carolina, Autism Grown Up's reach is national.

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