Talking Net Zero episode 3 - Gill Nowell

Nov 27, 2020, 08:55 AM
Who joins up all the dots? This week Sara Sloman chats with Gill Nowell who is one of the key players in unleashing the power of data across multiple organisations and stakeholders, as part of the quest to achieve net zero.
Her infectious enthusiasm encompasses her role as DSO Lead at ElectraLink and a Board Member of EVA England. And, she’s also behind the EVclicks website and blog of free-to-use real-life electric vehicle images.
As someone in the unusual position of working on ‘both sides of the fence’ in funding, she explains the latest developments in smart charging – which are much further advanced than you might think.
Gill also chats about how clever use of data is helping planning ahead for future network reinforcement and working on a system of advance notice of chargepoint installations.
She explains how data can empower decision-making, using examples from public transport experiences this year that revealed important new factors not previously known.
She’s also passionate about having a wider, more inclusive and diverse voice across the industry and sets out how this will be achieved.