Dispelling Divorce Myths with Sarah Nesbitt

Jan 04, 12:00 PM
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Nothing in this video is meant to be legal advice, Sarah Nesbitt & Family Legal Advocacy Group are unable to speak to any individual's particular circumstances. We encourage you to seek your own legal counsel should you have additional questions. Sarah practices law in MD, some of what she mentioned in this video may not be applicable in your State.

When looking for an attorney one should consider not only their experience and knowledge - which may be determined by visiting their website; but also by how the attorney makes you "feel". You should feel comfortable enough to be completely transparent with the attorney, and you should work with someone willing to challenge you when they feel it may be necessary.

There is a spectrum to divorce, from a very low-key kitchen table approach to the very litigious court battles. In the middle lies mediation and collaborative divorce. Although you may be able to complete most of the paperwork necessary to divorce, including a separation agreement; best practices are to have an attorney review the documents prior to signing to protect both parties.

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