Extroverted & Introverted Musicians! How To Create Content As An Artist

Nov 27, 2020, 12:35 AM
Last week, a singer gave me an excuse I'd never heard before WHY they couldn't create content as a musician.
"I'm an introvert, all I do is sit in my studio making beats all day".

After explaining how being alone is the perfect situation for filming and editing I thought about 6 different ways that both Extroverts and Introverts can succeed by breaking down how to create content as an artist.

Most artists get trapped in a few key problems when figuring out content ideas for musicians, so here is my list to break down the barriers:

1) Finding your candid angles
2) Create design templates
3) Pillar Content - Microcontent
4) Weekly Diary
5) Support Friends on the Feed
6) Confide is a friend with the opposite personality as you.