The Truth About Your Golf Club Face And Your Golf Shoes

Nov 29, 2020, 02:00 PM

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Are you aware of the relationship between your club face and your ball flight? Jeff reveals the truth about the face to path relationship in this week's episode. We hope you can handle the truth. But Jeff does unveil a super little gizmo that he built himself, and you can too, that will once and for all help you determine just where that club face is pointing and as a result, where your ball will go. We also introduce you to Steve Gray from Duca Del Cosma, the brand name for the best looking golf shoes we have ever seen! Duca del Cosma stands for unique style, luxury and the Italian way of life. Like few other golf shoe brands, Duca del Cosma combines exquisite design and function at its best. Both on and off the golf course, the high-quality shoes with their lightweight, innovative and functional nubbed soles are a must-have for discerning golfers. After this week's show you will both play well and look marvelous!